Phone S..x

When the phone rings; Virginia doesn’t have to move: her leg crossed while sitting in couch, resting her chubby arms in her fat stomach sticking out like a muffin top: she just click the answer button, her friends stay quiet while sitting in the couch swallowing beers and trying to content their laugh. The first thing she asks in a sexy voice is his name, she asks for his measurement and starts describing herself: “I am a petite brunette, 105 pound, long, silky, and black hair. My …..s are big and dark, my feet are slender with a perfect French pedicure for you to lick them and continue kissing my beautifully rounded a…, and you can start licking it, put your tongue and continue to my nicely shaved and small p…y. The lips of my p…y are clean and soft, you will be licking them for hours, and they taste real good; at this point she starts moaning and heaving.

She continues: I am to go on my knees, then you can insert that hard, perfect candy cane in my tight …s, you will be b…..g it until I ask you to stop “oh baby do it like only you know how to do it” “make me…., rub your hands through my luscious skin” It is all yours,” Oh, OH, Oh….. Exclamation signs keep coming out of her ugly and fat lips like something else got in her ugly anatomical body. This is not Virginia; she takes the form of a porno star, her ugly sagging breasts, product of pregnancies and bad nutrition from dining at all the local concession stands in her seedy neighborhood; had taken a toll in her body, at only 24 with three babies from three different men. Those ugly breasts take the shape of a perfect, round and big silicon implants when he is on the phone. Her fat of her stomach disappears and a magic liposuction is in progress.

She starts rubbing her fat and ugly belly to replicate the sound of a hard d..k getting in and out of a wet p…y, this makes the person on the other line crazy and wants more and more. Her chubby arms become a tight a.s when she inserts her gross fingers in her fists. She strikes the palm of her gigantic hands against her vast arm to simulate the d….k banging her a..s, and then she keeps pouring glasses of water to simulate the squirting.
It really sounds easy, but Virginia only keeps 0.05 of each dollar; and sometimes she thinks that her life is wasted.