My Dear New Friend:

It was your sincerity that strokes me at first. I wanted to know more about you, then your blue eyes in that photo were staring at me and my interest grew, I wanted to see you. I started to orchestrate our rendezvous, I wanted everything to be perfect. While watching public television; my mind went to your…… and I felt the urge to kiss it, I wanted to kiss your … back that I forgot about our dinner plans and what dress I should wear. Lying in my couch I started to rub my …..and smell my……. The sweet smell of my own……aroused all the senses. I was imagining the upscale restaurant with all its white linen and the candle burning while we sat across each other.

While talking to the waiter and sitting across each other; I took a look at the white table cloth; it was long and clean and I need to make sure nobody will see under the table. So I gently lifted my right foot and started to rub your……., I looked at you face; your blue eyes were moving, you looked confused. I kept rubbing your……with my foot and I took a sip of wine without taking my eyes away from yours. I wanted to be in bed with you so bad, I want to rub your belly; this is something I always want to do, not for good luck, just because it relaxes me. I remembered the question about my kissing you and I wanted to prove to you that I didn’t forget. Your mouth was soft and warn, I kept moving my tongue inside your mouth, I looked at your eyes and there were closed; I wondered If you were thinking of somebody else and I closed my eyes too.

We kept kissing each other with passion and eyes closed, like children, like lovers, but I wanted something more erotic, something with lust and flesh, something connected to my……, not to my heart. I opened my eyes and started to massage your scalp; I removed my lips from yours and started to suck your…… while rubbing your belly. I was anxious to get the part that I was waiting for almost four day, the plan that I made in my mind while watching public television: wrap my tongue around your…… with kissing and licking. I kept licking your …..; the skin was gentle like my tongue and didn’t take my eyes away and look at your face to see if you were enjoying or not, I did not care, I felt that your…… belongs to me and no one else will come and claim it.

As soon as you started to rub my….., I realized that you wanted something else and, I gave you my brown……, you didn’t waste a second to bury it inside so deep that hurts. I try to scream, not from pain but from pleasure. I was concerned about other people in the room next door. Not need for concern; it was upscale, large and spacious, like an apartment. Then you noticed juices coming from my….., I put the……away, moved my hips and placed my……close to your mouth, You kissed my ……but I drove your finger to my……. Rubbing my….. and kissing my……took me away from your….., I needed to feel more and more, I didn’t want you to stop, I needed to…..over and over. I did it in your face and in your hair, and you liked it; at that moment I realized that with a guy like you; does not matter how good he eat your……. You are a gentleman, a guy that I will spend hours sitting by a fireplace while drinking my flavoured coffee, just taking a break for me to go down and taste your d….