Jail Tale

I don’t remember the last time that I reacted to a man like you; you are not just a man; is a client: My skin is soft and clean with a silky texture to drive any man or woman crazy. My perfect done manicure and the velvet red of my nails make a nice contrast; so is the also perfect French pedicure, the olive skin of my feet and with the prison slippers. The robe feels clean, almost three sizes bigger, and despite of it lacks of fashion it feels comfortable, it almost feel like my old maid robe that I used to wear at home when I was feeling bleu.

The deputy is looking at me and I started to wonder what she is thinking. I tried to make believe that I was a princess and I was a room filled with gold sparkling furniture with pink sheets and golden pillows. I came back to earth and I saw your tall frame walking toward me, I felt like crying but it was not use for it. Your shirt looked neat and pressed like it was just picked it up from the laundry and your pant shows the perfect seam line, then I took a look at the part between your legs and wonder what you have inside that perfect pressed attire.

It is a fact that there is not privacy in prison and my passion starts to grow; I want to tear that perfect clean and pressed shirt and throw it in the prison dirty floor, the guard keeps staring at me, watching every move I make. She is been looking at him also. From the corner of my eye, I see her beguiling smile. Now she is staring at him, only taking her eyes away from him just to check on me; I kept it cool, I try to relax and think of what to say; any false move will jeopardize not only my freedom, but my life and career.

She is a tall, blond, and she is in decent shape, maybe she works out with the rest of the deputies, bailiff, and other court or jail related employees. Her uniform fits her perfect; not a single wrinkle and with all the paraphernalia of her trade firmly and orderly placed around her waist. She kept looking at you as you sit and hold your tie; I notice that you are not wearing a tie clip; and this time my mind goes to my little oak chest where I keep the tie clips and cufflinks. Yes, when you are a high class courtesan and your client are the best; you need to keep this sort of things for emergency. The sound of your voice brings me back, I feel powerless wearing that ugly, tasteless robe with not sex appeal at all. I tried to hide but you told me I look good, maybe just to increase my spirit and make believe that not everything is lost.

I noticed your lips, they full and perfect, the Ben Affleck type, very sensuous for a man, I took another look at the deputy from the corner of my eyes; she has her eyes on you too, I turned my face to take a better look at her looking at you, and she noticed it, now she is looking at me, “I need my privacy”, that was the only thing I could think of. Her looking at you, your looking at me and my looking at her is starting to drive me crazy. Now you are talking to me while looking at my robe; I can feel your eyes undressing me, I see that she still looking at me; she already saw me naked when she handled me the ugly robe hours earlier. Finally her face moved, now I see the her tall, statuesque figure not moving, but like fidgeting, you have turned your face and her eyes and your eyes met. I started to play with my fingers in a very innocent way, this is new for me, I always make the first move but this time I am powerless. We continued our conversation and I still feel her eyes burning me, she look at her wristwatch and I looked at the clock on the wall; it is been only fifteen minutes, I still have forty-five minutes left. The she does something: She walked to her desk and we halted our conversation and followed her with our eyes, she grabbed a folder and gently placed it in the lens of the camera, you looked stunned but don’t make a sound, I remained sedated and quiet. As she is walking back she has her eyes on you, she placed her hands on your shoulders and began massaging them, I guessed you felt suffocating because you started to loosen your tie, she takes your hand away and she takes off you tie, I still don’t make a sound, I just look at her unbuttoning your nicely pressed shirt while her mouth is close to yours. Now she kissing you with her tongue, her left hand is now between you legs, her right hand still caressing your shoulders and head and her eyes are fixed on me. I can not move, I can not act, it was like I was out of the picture, I see your reaction now: you grabbed her…..and with slow motion you squeezed them with both hands; her eyes are still fixed on me and I don’t know what to do.

From her breasts you go down to her waist and start to remove all the junk around her waist, it takes you a while and finally you unzipped her pants, she removed her hand from her shoulders and help you to remove her pants and her boots; I see her white panties, all I could think that there were granny panties while I hold my two hands together and keep staring at the old fashion panties. I raise my eyes and her eyes are still staring at me and I still I don’t see any answer in her eyes. Finally she removed her eyes from me and I felt relieved, I sighted while she sat in your lap and start to kiss you with immense passion. I can see her derriere; it is curved and shaped and I see your hands around her ass, caressing it and leaving some red marks around. She is moving her hips while sitting on top of you, just two feet away from me, I heard her moaning while your hands were lifting her back and forth; I didn’t see it but I was guessing that your…..was buried inside her…..

I still was picturing you….. moving inside her…..; when she stands up, one leg first, then the other: then I saw that pink, almost red hard….in the air, I was staring at that…..when I felt that hand pulling my hair, I took my eyes away from the hard…….; I lift my eyes and I could see those blue eyes above my head; she was smiling at me, her hair wasn’t in a nice chignon anymore, her hair was flowing in the air and I could feel it in my face. She was grabbing my head very hard I don’t recall how it happened, but now the hard….is not three or two feet away; it right in front of my face, I felt the….in my eyes, then I had the impulse to open my mouth and within second I felt the big and hard….all the way to my throat. I couldn’t breath but she was much stronger than me and held my head; I heard you screaming as I was…..your….: I was feeling the contractions of your veins, you were about to come when she pulled my hair, I felt my friction of my teeth through the skin of your….. as she was pulling me out.

Now she is sitting in the same chair where I was sitting five minutes earlier, still she is grabbing my hair, I wonder what is going to happen, then a pink….. with blond hair is in my face; I just don’t like hair, specially in….. and food; but I stick out my tongue anyway and start licking her…… I was bending over and my …. was very wet when I felt your hard and delicious…..trying to fit inside my tiny and slippery…… me so hard and your hips banging my little…with a rhythmic and hard motion that make me bite that blond….., I open my eyes and I looked at her, I saw tears in her face, then I felt a very hot liquid inside my……burning me and running through my legs.