It was Summer and the Front Door was Open

She was busy in the laundry room; she wasn’t doing any laundry, the odor from the dead mouse coming from behind the washer have been keeping her awake for the last three days. She already took her children to the summer camp, it 10 a.m. and she was wearing a gallon of chlorine and her favorite jean, pulling the heavy washer and dryer; she took the hose and the chlorine and started to power wash the floor and walls, the smell was nauseating and she had to hold her breath a numerous times, her back started to hurt but she ignored it and continue washing; a current of water with lint and dead leaves resembled to those creeks when back in her country wher she used to do her laundry, she was picturing her memories like in a video tape; when life was easy without the money, without the complications, Just a bunch of friends doing laundry along the creek, under the shadows of tall bamboo trees, listening to the soap operas in the radio, lying the clean, fresh smelling laundry on the grass to dry, then enjoying the cool and refreshing bath in the creek.

She was smiling while those memories where wandering inside her head, and suddenly she realized that a masculine figure with the same beguiling smile was standing between the kitchen and laundry door; her daydreaming got cut off, not by the surprise but by the startle, she gasped and then she saw the dead mouse in the current of water, “what are you doing here?” She exclaimed, adding a interrogation mark, She took a deep breath and waited for an answer, “I took the day off and I came to see you” The man answered.

Being polite was one of her weaknesses, so she stopped what she was doing and went inside with the masculine figure, her favorite jean and top were wet and covered with white bleached spots, so she took the time to change while the male figure took the chance to tell her how beautiful she looked in her sweaty working clothing, her natural beauty had made him to drive ten miles just to see her, That he was lying in his bed just thinking about her, He begged her just to let him feel her….., “I am so ….y”, he told her. She said Ok; in her head she thought that at that moment her only two choices were the ….y guy who bought her that nice pink and mother of pearls watch, while he was in vacation with his buddies in Vegas or the smelly mouse in its way out of the laundry room.

She made her mind; she let the guy stick his finger in her….., “it is too wet” he said while licking his finger, “Please let put my…… inside for one second, I just want to feel your…..”, again she decided to put the…… in her…… rather to take care the dead mouse and besides it is only for one second, she thought, he laid her in the edges of the bed and convinced her that he was going to slide his…. inside that wet….. for only one second she didn’t have to remove her panties. With her panties at knees level and her legs up in the air; he buried his hard…. inside that wet……, her……started to talk, squeezing that ….. in a way; he cried, she started to scream, that was of the thing he loved about her, she was the loudest woman he ever had. Two hours passed and he could not hold it anymore, they were sweating and exhausted, she went back to the laundry room to check the smell while he was getting dressed, then she realized that the bathing suit of one of her daughter was in the laundry and she had swimming lessons at the camp.

Again she started to push back the washer and dryer, they were still heavy as before, and her back started to hurt again, she took deep breath and pushed with all her strength, knowing that the male figure was standing between the kitchen and laundry room just like he did two hours ago, he was smiling just like before, he didn’t offer to help, just like before, but She stood, look at him in his eyes and asked: “ could you go to….. And give this bathing suit to….; she forgot her bathing suit and all the kids in her group have swimming lessons, they will be leaving soon, if she doesn’t have her bathing she will stay in the classroom by herself” His Answer “I can not go to…. And give the bathing suit to your daughter; everybody knows me there, even the Mayor calls me by first name” “OK goodbye” She said.

She Took a glimpse at her damaged favorite jean, her top, and the bathing suit laying on the laundry floor, the chlorine did its job, it smells fresh and clean now, she had less than ten minutes to put on her favorite jean and top, still with the smell from the bleach and the white spatter, took her daughter’s bathing suit and with a lot tears in her eyes, she handled the bathing to Ms….the secretary, all the children were having lunch and she didn’t want her children look at her like this. With not hard feeling but with watery eyes; she still wonders if a dead mouse it could be a better choice.