I want to……..you so bad; but your wife was waiting for you

I am sorry, I haven’t had so much sex in almost two weeks, and the sensation between …….and the tickling does not allow me to concentrate; no much of a pleasurable experience. My pen pal is 800 miles away, and the only sentence coming out of his mouth; was how bad he wanted to kiss my…… This is nothing new; since the first time he sent me an email; he made perfectly clear that all he wanted was take me to an oral adventure. Italians are very religious and when I finally went to meet him it was Holy Thursday and he explained to me that he could not eat my……that particular day. Y was going to take a plane the following Sunday, I decided to spent some time with my mother on Friday, Saturday was Shopping day, I just love to shop in NYC. We agreed to give him a call next time I was coming to New York.

He was so happy to see me that He cried, He had some drinks, and some talking, I don’t mind talking, but sometimes is boring, particularly when the topic of conversation is my Ex-husband; I made the excuse to see his toned stomach; he’s been really working out, He made me promise not to take more phone calls after he’s gone because He wanted me to be safe and I agreed. I wanted to see his….. so bad but he did not allow me to take his pants off.

Now I have to change the story; I will continue next time; the phone rings, is my friend H. He called from a public phone so I need to take the call. Twenty minute to get ready. I took a quick shower, put my wig on, no time to do my hair, he greeted me; like always, extremely pleased to see me; I am the best thing that ever happened to him and how good I look in a purple dress, I removed the purple dress to show him my red and black satin garter bustier; “this is even better” my matching red and black thong with my perfect and smooth body really work magic and I can see his……sticking out of his Docker Pants, very happy to see me . I gave him a light kiss and a strong hug, most like a bear hug. I put him in bed and start to rub his chest, arms, and hands; he does not stop thanking me for all my loving care.

I reached for my brown….., removed my bustier and started to rub his……with both hands, he starts to moan and keep telling me how much he loves me at the same time the track in the CD player changes: Billy Holiday comes up with: “I don’t know but I am feeling so sad, I wish you were here whispering on my ears” or something like that, while rubbing and massaging his…….with both hands, I started to kiss and sucking his……. like a mad virgin, with more passion. He tells me how good I look. Even from behind. He couldn’t hold it for any longer and I as reach for the …….I removed my red and black……. He does not like the…….but he wants his……inside my…….so bad that he does not have any other choice. I buried his …….all the way inside my……. I move my hips on top of his and he needs to……so bad, it is difficult for him to hold it one second more.

I let him rest for a few minutes, and then he grabs the brown…… and starts to bury it inside my…….,……. …… he needs to….. again, His tongue rubbing my ….., one of his hand with the……in my….., and his other hand rubbing his……., he assured me one more time: that I am the best thing that ever happened to him.