How She really Lost her Wings

How she really lost her wings; she does not recall. she was seating still, looking at her photos, the photos that the photographer had taken the day before. After the photo shoot they just started playing with the camera, actually she likes to play with herself most of the time. But there was something that caught her eyes; this particular photo did something very mysterious, different and erotic. her muscle inside her started to flex, She had felt that sensation before and She knew that was the beginning of something she experiments constantly. She needs to put something inside her ….., something hard that she can squeeze and squeeze until she gives her……juice. The angel’s juice that drives so many men crazy when they drink it, they taste it, and they make her to taste it too; some of them say it will make them richer, other say it will make them more powerful, for her all she wants is a hard …..inside that tight and small….., a….so good that make her forget, take her to heaven even if she is not welcome there, she does not have wings anymore but She does not care, it is still paradise and those pleasures are not guilty, she enjoys each minutes, and she does not want him to stop, she is screaming and let herself go, just leaving that hot….. with that hard…..inside. He releases his….., that delicious ….. but he felt that He needs to continue, He does not want to bring her back to earth, because She still feels the hard…..inside giving her pleasure. Finally just a soft, lifeless piece inside her……, bring her back, She is happy and she does not care how she lost her wings