Friday Morning

Friday Morning I couldn’t take your picture off my mind; I just was…… in my bed wishing that your were next to me, I felt the urge to kiss you, I closed my eyes and tried desperately to bring you here but you didn’t come. The image of your face buried between my…… kissing each inches of my soft feminine part was driving me crazy I tried to scream your name but I didn’t, this burning inside grew as my…….got wet and tight I wanted to suck your… good, I wanted your…..I wanted you to feel the soft texture of the porcelain crowns of my teeth and make you cry from pleasure and pain; I wanted you to forget that other women exist, that I am the only one. The one who makes you feel so good.

I Pictured the reflection in the mirror; your green eyes, your tall frame, the gray of your sideburns blending with your browm hair, The contrast of your white hands pressing my big natural cinnamon breast, shaping them like a clay masterpiece; you can shape any way you want. I wanted your hard…..inside of my…..and tight….

from the moment I saw you on…… I wanted you; my mouth was watering for your scent and the taste of your …… I pulled my……out and started to stroke it while looking at your pictures from your website thinking of what I would love to do with you if we ever met I…..all over my stomach with the thoughts of your mouth wrapped around my……swallowing my…..!. You stole my heart that day and I didn’t even know you…The constant thought of having your……running down my face was driving me crazy to……and mold your beautiful breasts while you were riding my….. was constantly running through my mind. I wanted to taste No; I needed to taste you to quench my insatiable appetite.

Let me love you ever so slowly grinding my……. inside your pussy …….hear your moans of pleasure are my ultimate goal. Let me ……you ever so hard that the screams from your lips will wake up the dead!!

Angel Your Wish Is My Command,