The phone rung and a slurred voice of a man said if She cancels her next appointment and see him right away, he will pay her double; She replied that she has somebody downstairs coming in five minutes and she will see him in 65 minutes, he said “It will be fine”. The bell rung, She finished with the client; and she sent a text message to the guy with the slurred voice; “right away”. He called her back and she heard a lot of voices on the background and she told him if he want to see her he needs to come alone, since he sounded drunk. He said his buddies will drop him at her place.

Once outside her place; when his friends drove away; she directed him to her place but he kept asking her to get downstairs and get him, she refused, and finally talked him into getting to her place. He was a guy in his thirties, expensively dressed, with worn out eyes and with a very slow voice, her told her how nice she was. she lead him to the living room, he paid the full fee, and she asked him to take a shower; she guessed the water would wake him up. He agreed to take the shower, she started to undress him; folding his shirt and pants, neatly in the armrest of the sofa, she turned on the water; she helped him to step on the shower; and while he was showering; she quickly recounted and put the fee in a safe place.

When she heard the water shut off she went to the bathroom and started to dry him up; he said that he wanted to give her a 100 tip for how beautiful she was. He reached for his pocket and pulled out a fat wad of cash, he counted out five 20s and gave it to her. She took off her top and her skirt and gently she started to rub his….., his hand started to massaging her…… through her red panty. He told her in her ear that he wants the stay for the full hour if she doesn’t have to see anybody else and he will pay upfront. she started to rub his….. one more time and still was very soft; he said it was because he was doing some c….ne, she freaked out and He tickled her ……. with his finger, they moved to the bed and she removed the rest of her underwear. He rubbed her….. for about five minutes then he got up and went to the bathroom. she jumped out of the bed and reached for her phone.

When He came out of the bathroom, she quickly hid her phone. He said he wants to snort more in the bathroom but she refused and she asked him not to take his pants to the bathroom. He stood for a moment like thinking, and then he put the pants down; she went to grab her phone and send a text to her friend, explaining what the problem was. He came out of the bathroom climbed in the bed and asked him to get him …... He started to fondling her while she was looking at the time and thinking how to get this guy out of here.

She put him a….. and he said he wanted to be on top, he started to…… and asking her ifshe likes it, she said yes, she likes it very much, then he said he will pay double if she likes it. He pulled out of her….. and went to grab the stash of cash out of his pocket, while giving her the money, some of his bills fell on the floor. Back on the bed they continued to…. until he blew his…... He told her that he needed to take a shower, He got up and with a swift motion she put all the bills under her bed. He finished in the shower and while he was checking his phone she picked up her clothes and with another motion she grabbed another stash of cash from his pocket. He was in his way, she counted all the money: 800, including the bill stashed under her bed.