Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

Your voice sounded soft and caring, well-spoken and very easy to understand. My interest grew as I learned that you were a designer. In my modeling life I have only met two straight male designers. I decided to take the subway after you guided me to your place over the phone. I got off the train; The corner looked like a Ghetto to me, I got scared, I usually jot down a flight number, and a handsome limo driver is waiting for me at the airport; I always enjoy the ride and the landscape of new state; it always seems like a different world.

You came to my rescue, you just purchased a good bottle of wine; I was early and the sheets were in the laundry; You were cleaning, spending most of the day getting your apartment ready for my arrival. As we walked toward your street, all of the sudden things started to change, a quiet downhill street with low rise neatly painted buildings appeared; I could see the river sleeping at the end; just like in a movie, and I was ashamed; five minutes earlier I was ready to cancel our meeting and go back to my mother’s house, you were very understanding and told me that most of the people in this neighborhood were artists and very talented people.

We made to your building, beautiful lobby with plants and marble floor, your apartment was exquisite with a beautiful view of the river, you lighted up the candles and while we were sipping the wine, you were telling me how beautiful and gorgeous I was. You are a handsome guy and I was wondering why you wanted me, your response aroused each sense of my body, now I want to kiss you, I get close to you and make an excuse to take you to the bedroom; the sheet still wet and I take off my dress, it shows my black bustier and black stocking I get my black velvet stilettos from my bag. I did not want to do the corny line getting out of the bathroom with the sexy black outfit so I take off my panties and I ask you to pour me another glass of wine, I can taste the wine in your mouth and I reach for your tight white jeans with my mouth still attached to your mouth, You turned me around and something new is about to happen: you kiss each inch of my little……; Now I feel your tongue in my….; oh my God. I never experienced this before, I go to that ecstasy and I need to scream. I started to scream and now my……..are running through your face, I need to focus and forget my selfness so I grab your hard……. and put it in my mouth, I felt the impulse to bite it I was very excited and my heart is beating too fast, so I do my breathing exercise: one breath in, two breaths out, it works, now I lick your……. but still I need more I go on my knee with…….in the air, not need to speak, you know what to do, you buried that……. inside……and more …….keep running, this time on your already wet comforter, I keep screaming and calling you all kind of name, you can not move your……inside my……any longer, my…….keep squeezing your……so hard that hurts, now you need to pull it out, I let my body on the wet comforter I can only heard when you said how amazing I was while I take a look at the silent witness at the end of your bed:……..full of your ………., good enough to spread it in my face.