Baseball Players or Cops

Walking through the polished marble floor or marble faux floor, whatever it, I felt constrained; I am used to walk that floor with elegance, with my six inches heel sandals and my sample designer dress. At the elevator a middle-age handsome man told that I look like a movie star; this times the person did not ask for my telephone number like in many other occasions that I had walked these floors. I had a vague idea of the person waiting for me at the end of the floor journey, I wasn’t sure it was the same person that I thought it was, and I did not care either; a mutual friend had arranged our encounter, and I had a hunch that it will be a pleasurable one.

I knocked at the door and a tall and dark figure opened it. He was a wearing a cotton drawstrings pants and a white t-shirt, I glanced at him and I turned to the big window showing the clear and blue sky, I felt relaxed and relieved, he was handsome, in very good shape and too young for my taste, but I could see his…… sticking out from the white cotton pants; He said he was sorry about that, I smiled and shook his hands. I inspected the room with my eyes: the living room with a TV set, the kitchen at the entrance, I half-eaten sandwich in a huge silver tray with hundred of garnished around; this is the good thing about the Ritz; they make a simple sandwich looks like a royal banquet. The small glass jars of mustard and mayo always caught my attention. I collect them; they just look cute in my kitchen.

I did not want to waste time with small talk, so I invited myself to the bedroom; it was spacious and the view of the ocean and the blue sky was splendid. He sat in a chair in the corner, still shy; I asked the question “how old are you?” “33” He said. I asked why so hand-some young guy want to be with a 48 year old, and give her so generous gift. I understand he has a lot of young women throwing themselves to him; but he said he does not want any complications with girls, He is busy and travel a lot; then he asked the usual question: “How do you stay in so good shape?”

I was getting….. and I did not want to waste more time in chitchat, I approached him and stand in from of him while he was still sitting and looking at me. I spread my legs and sat on top him and I started to rub his cheeks my mine. He didn’t do any effort to kiss me. He stood up and carried me to the bed, and I asked to tear my dress, but his skilful hand unhooked my strapless bras and let it fell to the floor; then he just started to squeeze my big…… I was still on top of him and I let him to play with my…… for a few minutes while my mind was just focusing in his….. getting inside my …… I bent and went closer to him so his lips reached for my dark-tipped……., I pulled the very expensive silky spread of the very expensive hotel room and threw on the floor, he pulled off my …… and a little sigh of pleasure came out of my lips. He got up and He peeled off all his clothes and did the same with my dress and went to reach for my toiletries bag, I grabbed a rubber still wearing my high heel with nothing else on me. He was naked and flexing his shoulders and arms in front of the mirror, I looked at him and felt overcome by his olive-skinned body and his beautiful blue eyes, so I couldn’t wait for him to come to me, I approached him and started to fondle his back, I went lower and his butt was firm and toned, I grabbed his butt with my two hands. He grabbed….. and stroke it for a second and looked at me, I asked him to stop. My lips reached for his….., but he walked toward the bed; He flopped down on the bed and continues to stroke his….., I asked him again to stop but he said he wanted to get bigger for me. I imagined that it was my wedding night, I was a young bride and he will tell me how much he loves and I am the best thing that happens to him, I was waiting for him to tell me how beautiful I was and I make him to stop. He didn’t say it. He was looking at his…… with a strange curiosity. I realized that I wasn’t a bride and it wasn’t my wedding night; I had the rubber in my hand and grabbed that…..with my mouth, started to kiss it and ….. it, I covered it and jumped on top of him, as the….. was sliding inside my…… I couldn’t hold it and my……started to run, he let out a big cry of pleasure, he lift me on the air and put me in the bed, he jumped on top of me and again I felt that….. getting inside of me in the old fashion way while I was looking and caressing those beautiful, strong and toned arms and shoulders.
Base ball players and cops have the same arm and shoulders. It seems that they all train in the same gym.