As somebody had told me many times; “Thank God I have mirrored walls”, Okay I have to listen to this once every week, at the same time, and the same house. Everything starts at my home; I have to look at myself in the mirror to decide what outfit to wear, drive to my friend house and tell the security guy his name, to notify him, meaning: he will be in bed staring at this gigantic TV screen, wearing only his pants and doing the Al Bundy’s thing. As I enter the house He hears the garage door closing, The first thing I see is my reflection on the floor-to-ceiling mirror, I keep looking at myself while I take off my skirt, and I like to look at my thighs to see those perfect round butts, I pose from different angles without taking my eyes away from the mirror while rubbing my butt in an slow motion. I remove my top and I start rubbing my breasts; they are soft and big, I keep looking at myself in the mirror, without noticing that the friend on the bed is pulling out his cock, He tells me to look around and see what I did to him, He asks me not to take off my high heels and walk toward him, He moans while looking at me and still holding his 8” dick, a dick hard as that slugger of the Yankees Stadium; He removes my bras and I have to hold my breasts, they are too heavy for my little body, I am already wet, I have to be very wet before climbing on top of him, his dick is standing proud and very hard, a quarter pill of Cialis made the trick. The hard dick slides slowly in my little pussy and I don’t make a sound; I just start moving my ass and looking at the mirror to see the reflections of my ass moving on an synchronize and slow motion’