My Toenails

The traffic was heavy but you decided to take the drive and be with me. I drank two bottles of water as you asked me to, I got a little nervous and poured myself a glass of wine also, I became hot and started to knit and practice some new stitches as I was waiting for you. I heard that knock on the door and my heart pounded, I opened the door and there you were; as always you started kissing me; I put my tongue inside your mouth I tried to massage your tongue with mine; left hand on scalp to feel the softness of your hair while my right hand was reaching for the buckle of your pants; I didn’t unzipped; I just wanted to see if you were really happy to see me, men always do this when they open the door they get the same reaction, I can see the hard dick through their drawstring burlap pants, they all say !sorry!.

You give such short notice that I couldn’t get my toenails done and I know how much you like to lick my toes. join me!