My Dream with Predator:

Beautiful, toned and muscular legs, that was I thought, I just love that creature, He taller and much taller than me, almost twice. He saw me and he was amazed with my sex-appeal, so intoxicated that he forgot that he was an alien, a creature from another planet. I fell in lust with his legs, so sexy and I felt the sensation of his huge claws caressing my breasts. As all you know he collects human skulls, but when he saw me he realized that human have other beautiful parts other than collectible skulls.
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He kept caressing me then I realized that he was a male; I gently put my hand on top of his and lead him to other parts of my body; he responded very well and I could see him smiling through that ugly mask. I put his massive claw-tipped monster index finger right in the center  Subscribe