It was Summer and the Front Door was Open

It was Summer and the front door was open, she was busy in the laundry room; she wasn’t doing any laundry, the odor from the dead mouse coming from behind the washer have been keeping her awake for the last three days. She already took her children to the summer camp, it 10 a.m. and she was a gallon of chlorine and her favorite jean pulling the heavy washer and dryer; she took the hose and the chlorine and started the power wash the floor and walls, the smell was nauseating and she had to hold her breath a numerous of times, her back started to hurt but she ignored and continue washing, a current of water with lint and dead leaves resembled those creeks when back in her country she used to do her laundry, she had her memories when life was easy without the money, without complications, a bunch of friend doing laundry under the shadows of tall bamboo tree, listening to the soap operas in the radio, lying the clean, fresh smelling laundry on the grass to dry, then enjoy the cool and refreshing bath in the creek.

She was smiling while those memories where wandering inside her head, and suddenly she realized that a masculine figure with the same beguiling smile was standing between the kitchen and laundry door; her daydreaming got cut not by the surprise but by the startle, she gasped and then she saw the dead mouse in the current of water, “what are you doing here?” She exclaimed with a interrogation mark, She took a deep breath and waited for an answer, “I took the day off and I came to see you” The man answered.

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